Lacey Rose designed DFW Luxe Locators so that her exclusive list of clients would feel a stress free and seamless experience when moving to a new apartment. Many professionals choose to rent luxury apartments in Dallas. If you are moving to Dallas for a job opportunity and are only planning to stay 3-5 years, renting a luxury apartment gives you the most flexibility and greatest amenities. Luxury rentals are abundant in Dallas so if you are relocating to Dallas from another city, you need the experience of an apartment locator to help you navigate your options.


DFW Luxe uses the most up to date databases to tailor a list of apartments that meet your exact criteria. Our agents like to get to know our clients beyond your basic wants so we can understand your lifestyle. This allows us to find the comforts you need and recommend amenities that will make your life easier. We can introduce you to the properties that have your exact needs. We plan your apartment tours in an organized itinerary that you can follow on your own, or we can accompany you if that makes your search easier.


The biggest benefit to using the experienced agents at DFW Luxe is that you don’t pay for our service. The apartment communities in Dallas pay a referral fee to real estate agents with qualified clients. Our fee will not affect your rent, your lease term, or your move in special. In cities like New York the renter pays the fee, but in Texas the apartment communities pay us as a marketing expense, so you aren’t responsible for any of our fee.


We look forward to working with you and your family. Our team is excited to go the extra mile to make your move seamless. It’s difficult to relocate, but we are experts so lean on us. No request is too small so please let us know how we can help.

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